Is now the time to finally make your dream or side project a reality

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Why now could be the time to  make your creative side project a reality?


Looking at the news in the last few weeks, it’s fair to say that it looks like there is a long hard winter ahead of us.

Here in Preston, and in much of Lancashire, there have been a high level of restrictions in place for some time already, causing a lot of disruption and posing incredible challenges for a lot of industries and businesses.

Sadly, a second full lockdown, which seems increasingly likely, is likely to cause a great deal of suffering and misery.

One of the few benefits of this crazy situation, is the chance it has given all of us to sit down and reflect a little.

Perhaps you used the first lockdown to get fitter, work on your hobbies, or spend more time with your family.

I used the time to really focus my offering and work on taking my web development skills to the next level. I now integrate animation to create websites that really stand out and make an impact.

This period can give you a chance to reflect on your career and business and perhaps it can even give you the push you need to make your long-resisted dreams a reality.

That’s why I have also created a new resource called Freelance Success. I want to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of working freelance.

I believe that freelancing can also serve as a great insurance package – especially if you feel that your job may be at threat.

By taking action now, you can potentially set yourself up with a viable alternative, should your job be taken away in the future.

Whether you want to go freelance, or simply learn a new skill, the coming winter – with its restrictions on in-person social activities – could be the time to focus on your own goals and ambitions a little more clearly.

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