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Illustrated Christmas Campaign 

Last year I created an illustrated Christmas campaign for Experience Nottinghamshire – Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s tourist board. Using the brand guidleines in place, I illustrated a multi platform Christmas campaign, which featured social media animations, YouTube videos and plasma screen adverts. I created a Robin Hood character, and several scenes, so we could give away prizes using short animations..

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Working for Experience Nottinghamshire, this was one of the final campaigns we created using the ‘In Notts we Love’ branding. We wanted to create a fun, quirky competition that would work well across social media, and generate engagement using some of the county’s key assets. Such as Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.

The first step was to create an animated Robin Hood character, and then, using a combination of software from Adobe’s Creative Suite, create backdrops and animations, which were designed to create engagement and interest.
The final product was a highly successful Christmas campaign, which had impressive social media impact and was an effective vehicle for data capture and publicity generation.
I particularly enjoyed storyboarding and creating the animations, which brought some instantly recognisable Nottinghamshire landmarks and landscapes to life in a new and playful way.
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