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Nottingham in Parliament Day

We were asked to create a fun and effective alternative to a business card or flyer – in the form of a label that could be attached to a green plastic duck. It needed to immediately suggest ‘Nottingham’ in a quirky way. 500 of these were to be created and transported to the Houses of Parliament for a special, one-off event to showcase the city in London.

The idea was to create an eye catching and bold label, which would instantly grab people’s attention. ‘Ey Up Mi Duck’ is a friendly Nottingham greeting so was the perfect hook. It also needed a clear call to action – which was to encourage people to log onto the URL and watch the specially created showreel.

500 of the ducks with labels were produced, making an impact across social media, and helping the the day to trend on Twitter. 

This was a fun project to work on as it’s always enjoyable to see work that you’ve created being used and enjoyed in the real world.
The duck was a mascot for the day, and seeing them popping up on Twitter was really great, even celebrity chef Sat Bains was snapped proudly showing his off.
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