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Staffordshire Prepared Rebrand

I was asked to rebrand Staffordshire’s Civil Contingencies programme, to give it a more contemporary and relevant feel. It needed to refelct existing government branding, while proving flexible enough to be used in many different circumstances. I created a fresh new colour scheme, logo and collateral for the project.

I updated the Staffordshire Prepared logo, created a new series of symbols to be used across the branding, and created document templates.

I enjoyed working on this project, and the challenge of adapting and updating long established branding to make it more impactful and relevant. 

We are delighted with the final branding, which has a fresh and contemporary feel, while meeting our brief to reflect the existing government and local branding. It was a pleasure working with Alistair - we found him positive, quick to communicate and full of ideas to drive the project forward in the required timeframe. He brought creative energy to the project, took the time to understand our brand, and welcomed our ideas, suggestions and feedback from design to delivery.
Bethan Morgan
Director of Civil Contingencies
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