How to Improve Your Charity Website

Bringing your charity website back to life

Staring at your charity’s website and seeing that the last donation was when dial-up internet was a thing? That’s the digital world’s equivalent of a deserted stage after the curtains have closed. Not ideal.

If you’ve got a charity website that’s about as buzzing as a library on Friday night, it’s time to turn that around. This isn’t about overnight fixes; it’s about smart tweaks that set the stage for sustained applause.

Crafting Your Narrative

Your story isn’t just good – it’s got to be great. It should pull at heartstrings and invite people to be a part of the journey, not just spectators.

If it’s not doing that, it’s time to put some work into creating something compelling.

Transparency is King

Show them where every penny goes when a donation is made. Make it as clear as a summer’s day because today’s donor wants to see the impact of every donation.

Case studies, blogs, and videos are great ways to do this.

Simplify the Giving Process

If donating is difficult to do, you’ve already lost the game. It’s vital to reduce friction in the donation process.

Make it simple and obvious how to donate.

Celebrate Your Volunteers

Shine a spotlight on the heroes who keep your charity doing valuable work.

Show potential volunteers the impact of their time, and make signing up as straightforward as signing a petition.

Keep the Updates Coming

To keep your website alive and active, you have to give people a reason to return to it. By posting updates and content, you’ll keep your site alive.

Consistency is the name of the game. Your supporters want regular, engaging updates. Keep them informed, and they’ll keep coming back.

Do I Need a Charity Website?

To have a website or to not have a website isn’t the question anymore. It’s 2023, and a charity without an online hub is like a bookstore without books.

People expect to be able to log on and find out about who you are, what you do and how they can help.

A website is an essential tool.

Giving Your Site a New Lease of Life

Having a healthy website can help your charity to thrive.

Take these pointers and mould your website into a magnet for supporters. Remember, it’s about building a platform where every visitor can become a cheerleader for your cause.